End of Lease Cleaning

Concentrate on your move, that’s big enough as it is, let Queens of Tasks take care of the end of lease cleaning!
End of Lease Cleaning Services in Ermington, Parramatta, and Ryde
What We Do

Moving to a new house at the best of times is still a very stressful time. There is always so much to do, and so much to coordinate, from notifying people, businesses and companies of your change of address, to ensuring electricity is turned on to the home you are moving to. You need to delegate tasks and this is where Queens of Tasks for end of lease cleaning in Parramatta comes in. When you are moving out of a rental property you need to get your bond back, who can *afford* to have anything go wrong, when you move every single cent counts.

Speckless Cleaning Services

Whether you call it end of lease cleaning, bond cleaning, move out cleaning, end of tenancy cleaning or vacate cleaning, it’s still the same. Queens of Tasks is here to take the stress and worry away so you can concentrate on changing addresses, packing up and sorting through your belongings. This is the one way to be sure that when you do move out that rental property will be spotless and you’ll get your bond back!

Concentrate on your move, that’s big enough as it is, let Queens of Tasks take care of the cleaning!

Help with Bond Back

Anyone who has moved to a new house before knows how some landlords or real estate agencies can be when it comes to that final inspection. Sometimes just a small minor cleaning detail that has been overlooked can cost you money.

Think of our vacate cleaning services in Ryde as an investment. You will be able to make back all the money you spend on our cleaning services by getting your bond back in full. You can be safe and secure knowing that when you hand the keys back you are leaving your house in a clean state – possibly even neater and cleaner than the day you moved in. Queens of Tasks is a reliable service that is extremely flexible, we work with you to ensure your moving out goes as smoothly as possible. We won’t be there getting under your feet.

A typical house can take from 3 to 4 hours for a regular clean, depending on the size of the house, with an end of lease clean, it will take 3-4 times longer.

When it comes to moving, most people don’t have the time to deal with working, packing up a home, children and cleaning. Some of our clients don’t have the tools or the skills to deal with some of the more involved tasks. At Queens of Tasks we have our own products and our own equipment and provide services from a standard clean to something more advanced.