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Thorough Kitchen Cleaning Service in Ermington

The kitchen is possibly the most dirt prone area of your house that is required to be cleaned up every day. A hygienic and tidy kitchen does not only enable you to prepare healthy food for your close ones but also let you feel good while you are inside the kitchen. In today’s hasty lifestyle, it becomes impossible to clean up every corner of the kitchen once the food is prepared. Especially if the kitchen is a part of any commercial zone that is a restaurant, the work doubles up. If the spills and debris keep on accumulating in the corners of your kitchen, it can cause permanent damage to your highly furnished kitchen decor.

What We Do

There are very few services that can offer you specialised services on kitchen cleaning in Ermington and Queen of Tasks is undoubtedly the best of the lot. The efficient team of Queens of Tasks understand the importance of kitchen cleaning and the impact of an unhygienic kitchen on the overall environment of your house or commercial set up. Therefore, they deploy every advanced cleaning method to ensure your decorative kitchen does not lose its charm.

Our Services

  • Wet wipe outside the fridge
  • Clean benches and hard surfaces
  • Wipe out the dirt in exterior of small appliances
  • Clean the range hoods of exhaust fans
  • Clean sink and polishes kitchen taps
  • Clean the stoves
  • Clean the dirt outside oven
  • Clean the exterior of kitchen cabinets and drawers
  • Washing dishes
  • Mop kitchen floors
  • Clean kitchen tiles

Why we are different

  • We use harmless cleaning agents on the market that does not leave any residue after the process is over
  • We cater to individual requirements and fix our cleaning methods accordingly
  • We offer flexible timing based on the client’s requirements
  • We allow our customers to monitor our cleaning process and file complaints if necessary
  • Our team resolves every query and concentrate on the dissatisfactory issues of our clients
We Offer Affordable Price

Unlike the other kitchen cleaners, we offer a competitive rate to make sure our customers can afford it. We keep our pricing transparent and do not surprise you with hidden costs at the end of our work. We understand the importance of maintaining your lifestyle while keeping your home pristine.

All you need to do is to give us a call, explain the nature of cleaning you want for your kitchen along with the size and components of your kitchen and our correspondent will provide you with an instant quote after the booking is made.

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  • Queens Of Tasks will make your home sparkle with their reliable, fastidious and friendly service. A trustworthy cleaning team that deserve 10/10. Magdalina

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